Another God

by Incandescent

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Another God

God, I feel you!
God, I know you're strong!
You’ve created the world
And you are the Creator of all wars

All diseases and fears
You’ve created everything!
All murders and violent dismemberments!

God, I feel you
But I feel you in a different way
I'm a witness of your real creations
I feel wars, violence and cataclysms that you've created!

Every fiend looks like a time bomb
Waiting for the reason to prove his existence by any means!
But there's nothing to prove!
There is the only answer to this!

It's all in God's hands
He is capable of anything!
He's created the world he’ll destroy it!
He’s the all-knowing!

Fuck you all with your answers
If he is capable of anything
Why are we at war?
Why won’t he kill everybody who stands in his way?

Why god can't save me from my disease?
Why fiends kill and receive grace?
Why fiends always win?!

Fairytale has it’s end!
Burning people for justice?


released December 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Incandescent Moscow, Russia

Incandescent is sheer brutality unbound. Their music is full of crushing breakdowns and memorable riffs accompanied by unprecedented vocals. One of the fastest growing Russian bands of all time is here for you to bring the next level of violence

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